Building Your Own Home

The images on this page are of homes designed by Collective Architecture + Design, an architecture studio based in Newfoundland. Founded by Kelvin and Shanna Nyathi, Collective Architecture + Design specializes in contemporary, custom design. We talked to them about five of the most important points to consider when building your own home.

Choose the Right Land on Which to Build

When embarking on the adventure of building your own home, the location you choose is a crucial consideration – and Tranquil Point is a location like no other.

If you’re interested in learning more, or if you’d like to visit Tranquil Point to get a feel for the area, get in touch on (709) 334 2225 or use the contact form below.

Get Expert Advice on Construction Techniques

As with any construction project, it’s important to understand the possibilities when it comes to modern construction techniques. For example, each of our lots comes with a state-of-the-art biofilter as standard. This ensures that Tranquil Point handles its wastewater in a way that continues to work in harmony with the environment.

We believe that, as architects and designers, we must never stop learning and innovating.

– Collective Architecture + Design

Decide How ‘Open Plan’ You Want Your Home to Be

Large, open spaces are attractive and inviting, but it’s also important to consider areas of the house where smaller and more enclosed spaces might be preferable or necessary. For example, your lifestyle may benefit from quiet zones, teenage spaces, home offices, or perhaps a cosy bedroom.

Ensure Your Living Spaces Face in the Right Direction

Living at Tranquil Point goes hand-in-hand with enjoying pristine nature and spectacular vistas. Achieving the best view, while working in harmony with the local environment, requires a thoughtful approach to designing your living spaces.

Our greatest passion is to connect people with healthy, functional spaces and environments that highly reflect their unique needs and aspirations.

– Collective Architecture + Design

Design Your House for Your Family

At Tranquil Point, we understand that a home has to represent and enhance your lifestyle, while also working in harmony with its surroundings.

Each of our projects ultimately tells a unique story of the people who inhabit them. We want our clients to trust that their space will reflect who they are as people.

– Collective Architecture + Design

For further information, or to arrange a viewing of these once-in-a-lifetime cliff top lots, call us on (709) 334 2225, email us at [email protected] or fill in the contact form below.