Map of Lots for Sale at Tranquil Point - in Newfoundland, Canada.


In total, there are nine lots available at Tranquil Point. Take a look at the diagram to get a better idea of the size and position of each of the lots, then get in touch with us via the contact form to arrange your visit.

Wastewaster at Tranquil Point is processed by Clarity Biofilters, which ensure that as many of the native trees as possible can be preserved. Scroll down for more information about Clarity Biofilters.


Minimizing our impact on the local environment means innovating in the way we design and build our homes. One such innovation is the biofilter, provided by our associate company Clarity Biofilters.

A modern and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional septic system, these biofilters process wastewater in a more efficient way, which means far less ground clearance is required. This allows us to preserve more of the incredible trees that make the cliff top their home – trees that would have to be removed to accommodate a traditional septic system.


The local flora and fauna are very precious to Tranquil Point, and it is our goal to live in harmony with the ecosystem. Coniferous trees such as black spruce, white spruce, and balsam fir dominate the native vegetation.

Living in harmony with these local species means working with architects to find innovative designs that will maximize the views from your home without the need for clearing trees that are so vital for the local ecosystem.

For further information, or to arrange a viewing of these once-in-a-lifetime cliff top lots, call us on (709) 334 2225, email us at info@nl-land.ca or fill in the contact form below.